The enrollment for eligible SEBTC students

is open

1. Mark the check box indicating you would like your eligible children to participate in SEBTC for the summer of 2017.
2. Please verify your mailing address and the best phone number to contact you if needed.
3. Please verify your student’s information located on this enrollment form and update any information and change to current grade.
4. Cross out any information that is not correct.
5. Cross out any children on this form who are no longer in school.
6. Add correct information on current or new children as clearly as possible.
7. Please Continue to send in your SEBTC enrollment forms as soon as possible to avoid delay to your benefits processing.

SEBTC Helpdesk Phone Number : 1-888-265-3291


The State of Michigan is proud to be one of the states awarded funding for the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children (SEBTC) program, or Summer EBT for Children.  The purpose of the program is to help families feed their children well-balanced meals during the summer months when school meals are not readily available.  The SEBTC program uses a Bridge Card for electronic benefit transfer (EBT) similar to the WIC system.


This website provides all the information families and grocery vendors need to successfully use the SEBTC program.  Be sure to check out the important and useful resources on the For Families or For Grocery Vendors pages.

Children were selected to receive a $30 Food Package as their monthly SEBTC benefit.

Thank You!

NOTE if your family also receives WIC benefits you still need to keep your WIC appointments during the SEBTC program period.

.Unused June and July benefits will carry over to the end of summer. All 2016 SEBTC benefits will expire on 9/5/2016.. Please redeem all your benefits. If you are having issues pinning your card, please contact 1-888-678-8914. If you have questions about SEBTC, please call 1-888-265-3291. Participation in SEBTC is Voluntary.

.The Michigan Department of Education has established food sites across the state to ensure that children in lower-income areas continue to receive nutritious meals during long school vacations. To find a location near you, visit www.michigan.gov/meetupeatup or text ‘food’ to 877877.

.If your family also receives WIC benefits you still need to keep your WIC appointments during the SEBTC program period.

$30 family information

2016 SEBTC Program Period